Advanced Motorized Stage Microscopes

Fully Automatic Metallurgical Microscope:

Model: SuXma-MOTO ™

Quick Overview :

  • First fully automatic stage microscope entirely designed and manufactured in India
  • Programmable Motorized XY stage for automatic scanning of entire sample – Stage size150 mm X 150mm, travel range 50mmX50mm
  • Automatic focusing of sample (Motorized) through stage control software
  • High end plan-achromatic optics having magnification range 50X to 1000X (dry)
  • Specially designed sample holder
  • Integrated Stage operating and Image Analysis System – With high Resolution Scientific camera, dedicated state of the art imaging software to analyze and compile results
  • System specially designed for DIN and ASTM inclusion standards, for micro-analysis of large quantity of samples, weld profile analysis etc.

Fully Automatic Metallurgical Microscope:

Model: SuXma-Moto VI

Quick Overview :

Same as above SuXma-Moto model having 6 specimen holder assembly. With just a single click system scans all 6 samples automatically and subsequent image processing and analysis is done with least clicks. Extremely ideal for Inclusion analysis as per DIN standard wherin one has to take readings on 6 samples

  • Optional acceossories for any of the optical Microscopes

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