In-Situ Metallography Kit

In-Situ Metallography Kit:

Model: CIK-I

For non-destructive, on-site metallography applications such as studying RLA (remaining life assessment) of components, of large parts which cannot be cut and brought to lab such as piping, tanks, large dies etc., one needs light-weight and portable equipment for site preparation, observation and recording / analysis.

Three Essential Parts of Kit are:

  • 1. PORTABLE GRINDER / POLISHER - Heavy Duty with external power source - It has high torque 0.85 HP motor with 200-10000 rpm variable speed, right angle / 45° attachment, flexible shaft. Various coarse and fine grinding (PSA backed) papers and lapping cloths pasted to rubber discs (32 mm) for surface preparation.
  • 2. PORTABLE GRINDER / POLISHER - extremely light, battery operated - Versatile light weight grinder with 5000 to 30000 rpm, stepless variable speed and with 10 V, Li-ion battery
  • 3. PORTABLE MICROSCOPE - Portable high power upto 800X magnification with excellent resolution and high NA plan-achromatic optics, light weight, battery operated microscope, which is perfectly suitable for field microstructure investigation. It can be combined with high resolution scientific camera for image acquisition and further analysis.

Optional Accessories & Consumables:

  • Right Angle Attachment, Flexible Shaft for grinder; XY movement fixture, Magnetic stand, Halogen Bulb for microscope; Replica Kit, Grinding discs, lapping cloths, Diamond pastes, Aerosol spray etc

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