Dedicated Image analyzing systems for Metallography, Welding, Textile, Printing, Petrology, Clinker, life science etc. Specific needs, customization and up-gradation addressed through highly proficient development team Options available for hardware (camera and frame grabber) from proven international brands like Sony, JVC, Hitachi, Watec, Data Translation, Matrix Vision, Matrox etc

Metallography Image Analysis

DeXel-Metallography ™

Quick Overview :

  • Flagship product of DeXel Imaging Range from Conation Technologies
  • All modules as per various international and national standards
  • Freedom of choosing application-wise package or all-in-one package
  • Equally adaptable to industrial quality control and research applications
  • Swift Batch Run for effective and faster processing of large (Bulk) input data (images)
  • Focused Image from stack of unfocused images
  • Specific needs and up-gradation addressed through highly proficient development team
  • Options available for camera and frame grabber from proven international brands like Sony, JVC, Hitachi, Watec, Data Translation, Matrix Vision, Matrox, etc

Grain Size Analysis

Quick Overview :

  • As per ASTM E 112, E 1181, E 1382 and E 930 (for occasional largest grain)
  • Intercept method with freedom to choose number, inclination of test lines
  • Area method with ROI facility with Grain size Distribution chart

Phase Analysis – Volume fraction

Quick Overview :

  • As per ASTM ASTM E562
  • Auto thresholding, Histogram, Color coding for independent phases, ROI Facility

Non-Metallic Inclusion Analysis

Quick Overview :

  • As per ASTM E 45, E1122, E1245, E2283, DIN 50602, JIS 0555
  • Highly effective Batch run facility to cover large number of images as per various standards
  • Inclusion type indication on original image for cross verification with edit and rectify facility

Graphite Flake and Nodules in Cast Iron analysis

Quick Overview :

  • As per ASTM A247 And ASTM E2567-11 with latest standard
  • Graphite flake type separation and Size classification
  • Nodularity, nodule count, size and type classification
  • Phase analysis for graphite, pearlite and ferrite in etched condition

Other specialized modules

Quick Overview :

  • Area percentage porosity measurement
  • Depth of Decarburization measurement
  • Degree of Banding
  • Secondary Dendritic arm spacing measurement

Universal Modules

These analyses are used in various applications such as estimation of case hardening layer, decarb layer, interlamellar distance, particle count and size etc.

Quick Overview :

  • Object counting
  • Distance between any two points
  • Angle between any two edges
  • Area Measurement
  • Circle – radius, perimeter, circularity percentage measurement
  • Rectangle measurement
  • Irregular shape measurement

Features for all

Quick Overview :

  • All the results can be reported in units like micron, mm, cm, inch etc
  • Quick Calibration attachment system with freedom for adding additional magnifications
  • Special software for Database compilation and comparison
  • Different graphs/charts can be plotted with interactive graph plotting facility
  • Customized report generation

Imaging for Hardness Testers:

Model: DeXel-Hard

Computerized systems for Vickers, Microvickers, Brinell Hardness tester

Quick Overview :

  • Direct measurement of hardness value on PC monitor with software by multiple methods Effective Case Depth i.e. ECD plotting through software
  • Single or Multiple reading report with case depth graph along with selective indentation image Hardness conversion utility

Result display – serial number, test force, hardness value, length of diagonals, averages, standard deviation, minimum value, maximum value etc

Weld Analysis:

Model: DeXel-Weld

Dedicated Analyzer for weld penetration depth, bead width, leg length, HAZ and other weld parameters’ analysis

Flexible tolerance limit facility with GO/No GO indications for observed readings

Quick Overview :

  • Leg length, throat, penetration, root penetration, metal thickness, gap etc
  • Area and depth of Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)
  • Maximum Lack of fusion penetration depth
  • Joining Angle measurement
  • Color coding for independent measurements
  • Option for tagging the readings on image
  • Flexible tolerance limit facility with GO/No GO indications for observed readings

Textile Analysis:

Model: DeXel-TexTile

Fibre analysis like denier micron, diameter, convolution, fibre blends, med and kemp fibre content etc

Quick Overview :

  • Measurement of fiber parameters like denier micron, diameter, convolution etc.
  • Measurement Analysis of cross-section of cotton fiber for shape and size
  • Measurement and analysis of fancy yarn structure in terms of size of slub, fancy effect distribution and deviation, orientation of fibers and surface textures
  • Analysis of fiber blends in fabric and yarns
  • Med and kemp fibre content analysis
  • Proportional distribution of dyed fibers in fabric

Time Stamped Imaging:

Model: DeXel-TStamp

Customized software for capturing the images at desired time interval and analyze images for their parameters over the time

Eg. Crack generation and propagation with time in cement block

Printing Imaging:

Model: DeXel-Print

Printing defect analysis such voids’ measurement, missing print area, missing dot count, unprinted area in solids and half tone etc

Clinker Analysis:

Model: DeXel-ClinKer

Dedicated system for counting various phases like Alite, belite, aluminate, ferrite, voids etc

Quick Overview :

  • Multiple test points pattern (grid) or single cross hair on live image preview
  • Manual marking of the phases on grid points
  • Recording facility for 10 categories (e. g. Alite, Belite, Ferrite, Aluminate, Voids, Quartz, Gypsum etc.)
  • Automatic calculation of volume percentage of phases from recorded readings
  • Volume fraction of phases also on color threshold basis

Leaf and root Analysis:

Model: DeXel-Plant

Leaf area, perimeter, length etc, automated measurement for healthy and pest damaged / diseased area, root length, number of branches, tips and overlaps etc

Quick Overview :

  • Any other image analyzing system can be developed as per specific requirements. Conation Technologies also offer Machine Vision/Inspection systems for various industrial applications

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